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Project Overview

GotIt! is an on-demand knowledge marketplace focused on giving high school aged students access to quality experts.

I was tasked with redesigning the student facing mobile app in an attempt to modernize the look and feel and improve usability.


I kicked off the project with a brainstorming session aimed at aligning all the stakeholders on:

  1. Business objectives
  2. Personas and target audience
  3. Content needs
  4. Brand and Identity

gotit ideation whiteboard brainstorm session
An example of my whiteboard session work

Workshops like these are a great way to get everyone on the same page early on in a project. A full day of collaboration with the team is invaluable in helping us all agree on goals, current pain points, and learn how to help improve the customer experience.


I focused my attention on 3 critical interaction areas for the app, to optimize feedback cycles and anchor my designs to the most important views.

gotit primary screens original layout
The primary views of the core GotIt! app experience. Capture, Chat, and My History.

I then proposed 5 different options for each view, keeping in mind brand, target audience, and long term product vision. I used these preliminary concepts to solicit feedback from customers, stakeholders, and internal resources to tease out deeper design requirements. After several design iterations, I landed on the following screens for directional guidance for the rest of the app.

gotit primary screens original layout
The updated views of the core GotIt! app experience. Capture, Chat, and My History


Once consensus was reached, I applied the design patterns used in the most essential views to all the other views of the app.


I then took the complete set of redesigned views, and created a prototype to validate the new interaction model with some of our most loyal users. I added the prototype to the service for user testing. Watching real users explore the new prototype gave me some valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the new designs which I then used to make some modifications before going live with a larger audience.

gotit primary screens original layout
The Lookback service allows you to watch and listent to your your customers reactions while they interact with your prototype in real time.

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